Iron Oxide Art-Jacquard-pinata-alcohol-ink

Pinata Alcohol Ink

by Jacquard

Acid-free, indelible, intense color on non-porous surfaces

Tim Holz Alcohol ink

Tim Holtz Collection

Alcohol Ink by Ranger

Fast drying, translucent, dye ink for use on non-porous surfaces


Tim Holtz Mixatives

Alcohol Ink by Ranger

A collection of highly pigmented solvent based metallic and white inks for luminous highlights


Tim Holtz Pearls

Alcohol Ink by Ranger

Pearls are permanent, fast drying pigment and dye inks formulated to create pearlescent colorful effects


Tim Holtz Alloys

Alcohol Ink by Ranger

Reflective metallic acid free inks with unique metal powders to create intense metallic highlights 


Tim Holtz Kits

Alcohol Ink by Ranger

Various sets of coordinating colors for use on glossy paper, dominoes, metal, shrink plastic, glass, and other slick surfaces


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