Iron Oxide Blackwing Pencil 602

Blackwing Pencil 602

Palomino Legacy Model

Firm and smooth graphite - "Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed"

Blackwing Legacy Iron oxide

Blackwing Pencil Black

Palomino Legacy Model

 Palomino Blackwing is the softest of the three core Blackwing models

Blackwing Pencil IronOxide

Blackwing Pencil Pearl

Palomino Legacy Model

 Balanced and smooth graphite, softer than 602 but firmer than Black Legacy

Slate  Notebook Blackwing Pencil

Blackwing Slate

Legacy Notebook

Available in Pearl, Black, and Grey;
Blank, DotGrid, and Ruled

Pencil-Pouch-Blackwing pencils


Pencil Pouch

Durable waxed canvas pouch holds up to 24 unsharpened Blackwing pencils



Pencil Roll

Durable waxed canvas roll holds five Blackwing pencils, with room for a notebook and sharpener.

Blackwing Point Guard


Point Guard

Crafted out of lightweight, machined aluminum, place over the point of your Blackwing pencil, to keep it safe in your bag, pocket, or pencil roll.

blackwing erasers

Blackwing Pencil

Replacement Erasers

Packs of 10 replacement erasers in a range of colors

Blackwing Sharpener


Long Point sharpener

Two-step sharpening process, first sharpening the wood and then precision sharpening the graphite core