Painting Knives/Tools 
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Iron Oxide Art liquitex paletteknives


Palette Knives

18 styles in large and regular from mini diamonds & teardrops to a traditional rectangle with curved end, from 1″ to  8½″, rust-free and ergonomic handle

Iron Oxide Art Catalyst Silicone


Blades & Wedges

Flexible silicone tools for oils, acrylics, heat-resistant for encaustics, try them with plaster and clay, solvent resistant, easy to clean 

Iron Oxide Art-Art-Alternative-steel-blade-artist-knife

Artist Work Knives

by Art Alternatives

Four sizes 1.25", 2", 3", 4" of steel blade for a huge range of applications


RGM Classic Line

Palette Knives

Made in italy
Tremendous variety of styles


RGM New Age Line

Palette Knives

Variety of unique shapes - a new way to conceive of the palette knife

Clay Shapers

Color Shapers/Clay Shapers

Silicone Tools

Many uses such as pastel blending, removing paint, shaping wax or clay, applying masking fluid


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