our  NEW 11 Cliff St Location in Nanaimo is OPEN!!

The store PHONE number is still THE SAME and we'd be happy to answer your questions and DIRECT YOU TO THE NEW STORE IF YOU NEED.




**Please call store to check items in stock today**

Brand Name Image Description
BOOKS BY HAND Linen Binding Thread linen-binding.jpg
BOOKS BY HAND Linen Binding Tape binding-tape.jpg
BOOKS BY HAND Heavy Duty Paper Awl paper awl.jpg
LINECO. Book Binders Board book-binders-board.jpg
LINECO. Book Binders Thread book-binders-thread.jpg
LINECO. Book Binders Needles binders-needles.jpg
LINECO. Screw Posts screw posts.jpg
LINECO. Heavy Duty Awl heavy-duty-awl.jpg
TRAN Bookbinding Bone Scorer bone-scorer.jpg
TRAN Bookbinding Bone Folder bone folder.jpg
TRAN Bookbinding Bone Folder bone-folder-black.jpg