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Brand Name Image Description
BLAIR Spray Varnish (Gloss) blair-gloss.jpg
BLAIR Low Odor Spray Fixative (Matte) blair-matte.jpg
GAMBLIN Not Currently Available in Canada gamblin.jpg
GOLDEN Spray Varnishes spray-varnish.jpg
GOLDEN Polymer Varnish with UVLS polymer-varnish.jpg
GRUMBACHER Workable Fixative Sprays workable-fixative.jpg
HOLBEIN Crystal Varnish crystal-varnish.jpg
HOLBEIN Matte Varnish matte-varnish.jpg
KRYLON UV Archival Sprays uv-spray.jpg
KRYLON Crystal Clear crystal-clear.jpg
KRYLON Kamar Varnish kamar-varnish.jpg
KRYLON Workable Fixatif fixatif.jpg
KRYLON Low Odour Clear Finish Sprays low-odour-spray.jpg
KRYLON Matte Finish matte-finish.jpg
KRYLON Dulling Spray dulling-spray.jpg
SPECTRA-FIX Degas Pastel Fixative sprectra.jpg