our  NEW 11 Cliff St Location in Nanaimo is OPEN!!

The store PHONE number is still THE SAME and we'd be happy to answer your questions and DIRECT YOU TO THE NEW STORE IF YOU NEED.




**Please call store to check items in stock today**

Brand Name Image Description
AMERICANA Fabric Painting Medium fabric-medium.jpg
CYANOTYPE 60x84 Pre-Treated Mural cyanotype-mural.jpg
CYANOTYPE 8.5x11 Pre-Treated Pages (10pk) cyanotype-pages.jpg
GOLDEN Digital Grounds digital-grounds.jpg
GOLDEN Silverpoint / Drawing Ground silverpoint.jpg
GOLDEN Airbrush Medium airbrush medium.jpg
GOLDEN GAC 400 for Stiffening Fabrics gac-400.jpg
GOLDEN GAC 900 Acrylic Polymer for Clothing Artists gac-900.jpg
iDYE Colored Dyes for Natural and Synthetic Fabrics idye.jpg
JACQUARD Lumiere Paints lumiere.jpg
JACQUARD Screen Printing Inks screenprint-ink.jpg
JACQUARD Solarfast Fabric Dye solarfast-dye.jpg
JACQUARD Procion Mix Dyes procion.jpg
SPEEDBALL Photo Emulsion photo-emulsion.jpeg
SPEEDBALL Metal Frames
SPEEDBALL Screen Printing Squeegee squeegee.jpeg
SPEEDBALL Screen Printing Kit screenprint-kit.jpeg
SPEEDBALL Fabric Block Printing Inks fabric-inks.jpg
SPEEDBALL Screen Printing Fabric
TEE JUICE Fabric Markers tee-juice.jpg